MSN at the Haitian Studies Association Conference

For its 30th anniversary, the Haitian Studies Association held its prestigious Annual Conference at the University of Quiskeya in Port-au-Prince, on Nov 8-10 of 2018.

To celebrate the memorable occasion, the Haitian Studies Association partnered with University of Quiskeya and InnovED, offering the Model School Network a unique opportunity to present its work to mind-like leaders and stakeholders in the Education sector. The conference focused on the theme : “Haitian Studies at the Crossroads: Integrating the Humanities, Arts, Religions, Technology, and Sciences”.

The Model School Network was invited to sit on a panel about “Defining Quality for the Future of Education in Haiti”. Cassandre Regnier, Patricia Préval and William Michel presented the history, concept, and beacon longitudinal study program of the MSN, before a floor of attentive participants. The presentation was followed by a powerful Q&A session and debate about the opportunities and challenges linked to the MSN initiative.

To conclude exchanges, InnovED-UniQ organized a workshop of 6 roundtable discussions about key themes aligned with some of the major focuses of the Model School Network. Discussions revolved around how to measure quality, based on the initial framing proposed by the MSN panel. Roundtable topics included:

  • Early Childhood Student Achievement Measures

  • College/Post-Secondary Readiness Measures

  • Social-Emotional Learning Measures

  • Teacher Effectiveness Measures

  • Governance Measures

  • Community Integration Measures

Rezo Lekol Model