SChools for the children of the world

Developing a 10-year school infrastructure master plan for the MSN.


Schools for the Children of the World is conducting a large-scale infrastructure evaluation of the MSN schools. This will allow to develop a 10 year master plan for school infrastructure for schools involved in the Model School Network Coalition.

Key Objectives:

1. Improve health and safety and create more attractive learning environments in existing schools

2. Expand early childhood opportunities
3. Expand secondary education opportunities

The plan will establish priorities for new construction/renovation and identify:

  • 30 existing schools that should be completely renovated or replaced

  • 10 schools for early childhood education that may be an expansion of existing schools or possibly new educational centers

  • 10 new secondary school that may be replacements and expansions of existing secondary schools or new educational centers

  • 5 new schools in areas that have no schools and lack educational opportunities

Currently there are approximately 200 schools involved in the Network: 140 Catholic Schools, 40 Summit Schools and 20 Mirebalais EFACAP Schools. The School Infrastructure Master Plan will review existing infrastructure, propose guidelines for improving learning environments and establish priorities for new infrastructure projects.

The School Infrastructure master plan will serve as a road map for determining future infrastructure projects. This plan will determine potential projects in priority order and will help build confidence when working with potential donors that these are the locations that are of greatest need and will have the greatest impact.

The plan will be developing an assessment of the infrastructure in existing schools, determining enrollment needs (number of students to be served), formulating options for future projects and working with a MSN Infrastructure Steering Committee in finalizing the overall plan. Activities will also include consultation with the local DDE, MENFP and perspective public and private donors.

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